Prayer Schedules 1435

Prayer Schedules 1435

Ramadan 2013 Starts Wed July 10

After much deliberation, we have decided along with the other local masjids, that Ramadan will begin on Wed. July 10th.

Regarding Prayer Schedules

There has been some confusion and questions regarding the prayer times listed on our prayer schedules. I would like to explain our stance on this issue… We have had our prayer timings specifically calculated for us by Khalid Shaukat who runs What is so different from our timings, as opposed to ones that you may find elsewhere on the internet, is that they have been specifically calculated based on our Latitude/Longitude and our elevation. This is important because, prayer timings you find on the internet are calculated using set angles, the problem with set angles is that the...

Ramadan Mubarak!

Inshallah, the first day of Ramadan will be Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Please join us nightly for Iftar, immediately following Maghrib Prayer. Isha/Tarawih Prayer will start promptly at 9:30 PM. If the parking lot is full, there is extra parking available in the Hy-Vee parking lot. Please DO NOT park in the driveway and DO NOT block other cars from leaving. Click the link below to view ISNA’s Ramadan...

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